Service Manager Training-

     Leadership for Increasing Fixed Operations Profits

     Defining Service Absorption

     Importance of Effective Labor Rate

     Comfort Zone vs. Accountability

     TRAINING: Expense or Investment

     Performance Tracking & Reviews are Essential

     Maximize Your Service Growth

     Analyze Your Service Mix

     Profit Improvement Plans

     Reading and Interpreting the P&L

     Putting Your Customer FIRST

     S.W.O.T. Analysis & Action Plans

     Consistent Follow-up

     "Fire" Prevention

     The Right People Properly Trained Equal Record Profits

     Define Your Expectations

     Identify Road Blocks to Achieving Goals and Take Action

     Pay Plans that Compensate to Motivate

     Advisor Pay Plans

     Performance-Based Pay Plans for ALL Technicians



Service Advisor Training-

    Accountability for Maximum Performance

    Service Writer vs. Service Advisor

    The "12 Step" Service Process

    Courtesy Inspection Process

    The Right Technician for the Job

    Keep Your Customer Coming Back

    Survive or THRIVE?

    Commitment to Change

     Increasing Your Sales per Repair Order

     Increasing the Number of lines per Repair Order

     Effective Up-Selling

     Asking For the Sale

     The Face of the Business

     Consistent Communication Practices

     Identify Road Blocks to Achieving Goals and Take Action

     Fire Prevention

     Delivering the Bad News

     Organization for Success

     Manage The Job "Cradle to Grave"


Service Technician Training-

    The "3 C's"

    Effective Narratives and what NOT to write

    Internal Communication

    Customer Interaction

    Courtesy Inspection Process

    A Repair Done Right


    Keep it Clean & Professional



































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