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When Do you Need a Consultant?

You need a consultant when your awareness combines with a belief that you can use help from outside to move from where you are to where you want to be. You can use “consulting to bring about change in organizations.”Consulting “explores what you can do to help the organization move from where it is to where it wants (or needs) to be.”



Long-Term Consulting Relationships

The Consultants at ADO teach our clients how to fish instead of feeding them a fish per day. There is greater value in our services when our clients see we can continue to teach and build them, rather than simply sustain them. Much like a well-known management theory where you identify, train, and mentor your replacement from day one so that you are able to step into new opportunities that come your way, successful consultants guide their clients to be self-sufficient instead of co-dependent.



Strategic Planning

Consultants liken strategic planning for an organization to counseling or coaching for an individual. While the outcome of both should include written plans of action, the real value lies in the questions and answers. When you encounter an issue in your personal life, do you keep it to yourself or do you talk to trusted friends, family, or professionals? Many people recognize that talking through an issue helps us to think differently about the situation. Consultants try to help organizations see the situation differently in order to free them to do what they are in business to do



We bring an unbiased professional perspective

It's very common for employees to develop a “It's the way we've always done things” thought process. They have a difficult time "seeing the forest for the trees." We at ADO see things from a purely objective and unbiased point of view. The Consultants at ADO are problem-solvers, whether the problem is one that management can't answer or one purely out of a need for additional capacity. We see our role as helping our client's become aware of what is happening through our observations:


•Identify the problem,

•Identify the cause,

•Identify the solution, and

•Implement the solution.


What's going on in your business? What needs or problems could be solved by hiring a consultant?

We are subject matter experts, consultants may be the primary source of knowledge and guidance in developing an effective solution. We bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the table that internal employees may lack.


Our Training-

     •Service Managers

     •Parts Managers

     •Service Advisors

     •Parts Countermen

     •Warranty Personnel- Schedule Management































ADO placemet services are independant from it's consultation practice and a "no solicitation" clause will be in place prior to any service performed.