E.P.I.C. Consulting Process




















Our consulting team evaluates current processes, practices and procedures for effectiveness. We then analyze the effect it has on your business. Everything from the customer experience to employee morale is taken into account. This is done through positive personal interaction with you and your teams in addition to monitoring how the day to day business is conducted in order to make an accurate assessment on needed improvements.



Following our evaluation, our team prepares a new set of defined proven processes that will at times, aggregate along with some effective processes you may already have in place. In many instances a “complete overhaul” is the best choice. Once the plan for needed improvement is prepared, it will be presented along with all expert recommendations and a schedule for deployment.



First, starting with your department management team, the new process outline will be presented through personal instruction, then again in appropriate groups with your teams (Advisors, countermen, Technicians, etc.) All processes and procedures will be in a clearly defined lesson plan and an easily followed format. In addition, we will instruct how each of your employees impact the growth of the company, how their position and performance will, and does affect customer service and repeat business, ELR, efficiency, productivity, gross and operating profit, parts margin versus markup, and ultimately their individual and team impact on the success of the company and their own success. We will instruct your employees in the day-to-day environment on each best practice, answer the tough questions and help them improve their performance.



Once the new processes have been deployed, we will coach and train your personnel on those processes through continued personnel interaction. We will also present a plan to employ various methods of follow-up once our team exits. Our goal is to create a lasting impact on team performance, customer service improvement, knowledge and understanding of the various ways of analyzing the business and developing continuous growth and increased potential.


ADO placemet services are independant from it's consultation practice and a "no solicitation" agreement will be in place prior to any service performed.