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ADO is connected with hundreds of Dealers & Distributers nationwide-


On-Highway, Material Handling, Construction Equipment, Electric Lift, Light Equipment, Mining and more.


From Senior Executives to Entire Project Teams and Niche Technical Staff, ADO operates two distinct divisions in each of our recruitment sectors giving it a unique depth. The first is a recruiting arm for the recruitment of Repair Technicians. The second is a search and headhunting arm staffed by qualified headhunters for Mid-to-senior level managerial or executive level positions.


In today's buoyant industry making most skills in demand and good candidates in low supply, ADO has a huge network and access to technical as well as managerial level positions of all types spread over all types of geographic locations, from the most obvious to the most remote locations.




• C- Level Executives and Board Members

• Managing Director and General Manager

• Non-Executive Director

• Financial Director

• Operations Director

• HR Director

• Regional Manager/Director

• General/Operations Manager  

• Diesel Technicians

• Director of Marketing

• Parts Director

• Fleet Manager

• Director of Sales

• Salesmen

• Sales Manager

• VP/ Corporate

• Service Manager

• Parts Manager

• Product Support Manager

• Analyst

• Engineer

• IT Professionals

• Petroleum Engineer

• Service Advisors

• Parts Countermen

• Various Lead and Head Roles

• Warehouse

• Foremen

• Assistant Managers

• Accounting & Payroll

• And More


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