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Coming soon-NEW Direct Apply Option.

We maintain a database of over 6,000 industry professionals. Each week our open positions are brodcast via email to these industry professionals. We offer clients the ability to have their positions posted on our newsletter and website which receives over 1200 hits per month on average for a fee of $375. Candidates will be directed to the clients job posting (on the clients site) where they can directly apply. This is a great benifit as it allows our clients access to professionals in the industry directly through email marketing. We call this option "Direct Apply". Discounts are offered for multiple listings.


When you hire The American Diesel Outfitters (ADO), you get a team of subject matter experts in their fields. ADO is a leader in the direct placement of critical professionals for our clients. Our team will develop a targeted recruiting strategy based upon a needs analysis profile that is developed for each of our clients and is specific to their job requirements. Once the needs analysis profile is completed, we go to work. Imagine a team of recruiters making hundreds of phone calls a day, vetting more than 100 candidates to ultimately decide on the 2-3 candidates that will be presented to your company on each job opening. This is what it takes to perform a successful search for our clients.


At this point, ADO's work has just started. Once the candidates are vetted for our clients position, the top 1 or 2 candidates best suited for the job are presented to them. The position, the client's culture, the area, relocation (if any) and other variables are considered. Once this process is completed the candidate gives ADO permission to represent them to our clients.


Our clients have confidence in our process because they know that our candidates will accept a job offer if they are given one. After the candidates accepts a position with a client our team stays in contact with the candidate to ensure that the transition to their new employer is smooth and complete and relay any information that will assist in that process.


Our clients enjoy working with us; We keep consistent contact throughout the process and develop honest relationships.


Below are the ways in which you can hire the ADO Team:


Engaged Contingency : Dedicated prioritized search team. Your company will have candidate exclusivity. This is the most common search type in the industry. ADO is not paid until a placement is made so consistent communication on the state of the position is very important.


Retained: A retained search is typically necessary when a very remote location is in need of personnel or if the candidate is of a highly rare nature. These positions are extremely time intensive and involved and will require a great deal of additional attention and expense on the part of the recruiter.  


Technicians : Techncians are our specialty. Technicians are vetted based on the clients particular needs (Skillsets, certifications etc.) and calculated based on the terms of the clients agreement. Please contact us for more information.  


Technicians- Detroit G2, Cummins, PACAR, CAT, Power Generation, Marine, Heavy Equipment, Material Handling and more.


Ph: (405) 928-4461